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After just 3 years in the adult industry Uma Jolie has captivated audiences with her amazingly striking grey-green eyes, her incredible abs and her deliciously seductive smile. This exotic beauty is just joining us here at Gamma Films Group, but with her ambitious attitude and her deep love for her job, she'll be back again and again. Her first sexual experience at 15 is straight out of a Bree Mills script. She was dared to kiss a girl, and ended up making out for 5 hours, their first sexual experience was on the Hollywood Hill. After some practice licking pussy, Uma Jolie's dominant attitude made her a perfect lesbian virginity thief, but if you've got the chops, she'll easily submit. Her biggest turn on is being kissed sensually on the neck, while her biggest turn off is too much aggression, it needs to be the right amount of natural confidence.

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